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Dental Fillings & Sealants

At Seycove Dental, our North Vancouver dentists can use a variety of filling options to repair fractured or decayed teeth including composite fillings, inlays and onlays. 

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What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a common restorative treatment for minor damage to a tooth usually caused by a cavity - also known as tooth decay - or by wear and tear over long periods of time. 

At Seycove Dental, we offer options for composite fillings and amalgam fillings, both of which are safe. The type we use depends on your needs, but we commonly use composite fillings because they are tooth-coloured and appear more natural for teeth that are visible and easier for others to see or notice.

When your dentist applies a dental filling to a tooth to repair damage, they are aiming to restore your tooth's function and support the natural tooth structure. 

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Composite Fillings at Seycove Dental, BC

Dental Sealants for Preventive Care

Dental sealants are a quick and affordable option for preventing tooth decay. They are a thin coating that is painted on teeth to protect them from cavities, and while sealants are typically used in children, they can be used in adults as well.

This preventive treatment lowers the chances of developing cavities in the deep chewing surfaces of your back teeth.

Because these grooves, pits, and fissures are narrow and difficult to clean with a toothbrush, they’re some of the areas that develop cavities first.

By placing sealants over your chewing surfaces, we essentially create a shallower area that’s smoother and easier to clean with a toothbrush. That way there’s little to no residual bacteria left inside of the grooves following your typical brushing routine. 

Filling & Sealant FAQS

Read our most frequently asked questions about filling and sealants available at Seycove Dental. 

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